Decking Repairs

Decking Repairs

Whether you are looking to repair a deck or construct a new one Cogstate construction is your solution. Our professional and skilled builders are here to provide services as per your requirements. Our objective here is to make you happy and satisfied & freshen up your tied space or create a new outdoor living experience.

Decking We Specialize In

  • Deck reconstruction and designing
  • Pool Decks
  • Garden pathway decks
  • Deck cleaning and staining
  • Replacements of deck planks, sub framing, posts, and stair treads & stringers.
  • Handrail & balustrade replacement
  • Waterproof outdoor areas over living space

Deck Repairs Sunshine Coast

We Conduct Proper Deck Repairs in the Sunshine Coast

A deck is an incredible investment for your home as you create a space where you can relax or entertain guests. Whatever you use the deck for, you need to maintain it to ensure it remains in peak condition for several years. However, some homeowners often forget about their decks until it’s summer when they see that the external elements have caused severe damage. In this case, you require professional deck repairs in the Sunshine Coast. Cogstate Constructions is a reputable company that assists with various renovation projects around the home, including deck restoring.

Signs You Require a Deck Restoration Near the Sunshine Coast

Picture this! It’s summer, and the weather is playing its part. You have some friends over as your pool is sparkling and inviting. However, the deck seems to be falling apart. It can ruin the experience for everybody. Aside from being unattractive, it can be hazardous. For this reason, you need to be aware of the signs your deck displays that it requires urgent attention.

  • Timber is one of the more popular materials for wooden decks because of its durability and appearance. However, its weakness is wood rot which is a result of wood-eating fungi settling in after exposure to harsh weather conditions. The moisture content in the wood must be a minimum of 20 percent for the rot to begin. You can identify this issue by the presence of spots or a colour change. Press a screwdriver through the wood; if it enters easily, the deck has wood rot and requires pool deck builders to conduct repairs.
  • Wooden decks undergo a fair amount of wear and tear that can lead to breaks, cracks, and splintery texture. Imagine walking around with bare feet on this type of surface, it should be a painful experience. Repairs may include installation of replacement boards or flipping and sanding those that are in a semi-decent condition. Over time, wooden planks may shrink, causing large gaps between each other, which requires attention.
  • The structures underneath the deck are the unsung heroes, as they’re responsible for the stability and holding up of the entire deck. Regularly inspect the deck footing, which is the part of the structure that meets the ground. While it may be an area you hardly encounter, you should check if water is pooling at the footing.


Benefits of Decking Repairs

Regardless of the durability of your wooden deck, since it’s outside, it will always be susceptible to external elements. However, deck staining is a viable solution to maintain the condition of your deck for a long time. With these benefits, deck staining is an easy decision to make for your deck.

  • Deck staining will improve the structure’s appearance since it brings out the beauty of the grain and texture. Several options are available, with some being semi-transparent and others completely covering the deck similar to paint.
  • Apart from rain and moisture, the UV rays from the sun slowly deteriorate the condition of your wooden deck, even if it is an area that’s generally shady. Wood without the proper treatment will soon crack, warp, and splinter. Furthermore, the rich colour of the wood dulls but regular deck staining puts a halt to these factors.
  • Similar to painting wood, regular staining reduces the effects of water damage as the coating prevents moisture from seeping into the wood.

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