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Resilient Homes Fund Sunshine Coast

With flood events becoming increasingly common, particularly in coastal areas like the Sunshine Coast, Cogstate Constructions recognises the importance of proactive measures to mitigate the devastating effects of floods. If you’ve experienced a natural disaster, you may be eligible for grants and assistance if your property has been flood-affected. Cogstate Constructions aims to create a safer and more secure community for all residents.

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What Is The Resilient Homes Fund in The Sunshine Coast?

Cogstate Constructions supports the Resilient Homes Fund in the Sunshine Coast. This fund helps homeowners affected by floods build flood-resilient homes. It is open to property owners in the Sunshine Coast and Fraser Coast regions who have experienced flood events. Eligible properties must be in designated flood hazard areas. The fund offers assistance like the voluntary home buy-back program and house raising. The buy-back program allows homeowners to sell their flood-affected property to the government at its pre-flood market value. House raising raises the existing house above the minimum flood hazard level. To apply, homeowners need to submit an application form and relevant documents. The Department of Energy and Public Works assesses the application for eligibility. Homeowners can also receive support from the DRFA and the federal government. The Resilient Homes Fund helps mitigate flood impacts and create a safer community.

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Our Resilient homes fund Services

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What Part Do We Play?

Our expertise and services are dedicated to helping homeowners rebuild and protect their properties from future flood events. One of our key contributions is building assessment reports. These reports outline the current condition of flood-affected homes and provide recommendations for necessary repairs and improvements. Our team conducts thorough inspections to ensure accurate assessments and reliable guidance for homeowners. Additionally, we specialise in building facility construction that adheres to the Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme. We understand the importance of designing and constructing homes that are resilient to flood hazards. Our team works closely with homeowners, incorporating flood resilience measures into the building process to create homes that can withstand future flood events. At Cogstate Constructions, we are committed to serving our community and supporting the Resilient Homes Fund.

Our Incredible Resilient Homes Fund Building Process

Cogstate Constructions offers a Resilient Homes Fund building process for homeowners on the Sunshine Coast. This process helps protect properties from flood events. Homeowners apply for funding through the Resilient Homes Fund and, once approved, work closely with our team to secure a Quote and Scope of Works for improvements and renovations Sunshine coast. We collaborate with Stark Builders to enhance flood resilience. They handle the application process and complete the resilience works to the highest standards. We also provide access to the Queensland Government's Resilient Retrofit Program and Home Raising Program for further assistance. Our goal is to create homes that can withstand future flood events.

The Benefits of Trusting Cogstate Construction For Resilient Homes Fund Construction

We are committed to helping homeowners recover from flood events through our Resilient Homes Fund construction. Choosing us means you can enjoy the benefits of a flood-resistant home. We specialise in repairing, retrofitting, and raising flood-affected homes. Our experienced team understands flood challenges and implements effective solutions. We have a track record of success in improving flood resilience for homeowners on the Sunshine Coast and Fraser Coast. Compliance with building regulations is our priority. We ensure safety and functionality by following regulations. Our team is well-versed in these requirements and will meet the necessary standards. We provide professional and efficient services that prioritise safety and the appropriate use of public funds. We aim to deliver high-quality results within the budget and timeline, minimising disruptions.