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With summer around the corner, the pool is sure to be in constant use. What’s important but often overlooked is the decking around the pool and how it can determine the safety of swimmers. Cogstate Constructions are expert pool deck builders and repairers who can customise your pool deck to suit your home, whether it be reconstruction or a whole new design. Read ahead to learn about the most important things to consider when building your pool deck.

The Matter Of Materials

When talking to a pool deck builder, one of the first things you’ll be asked is the type of material you want your deck built with. It needs to be not slippery when wet, be heat reflective for bare feet, blend well into your landscape, and so much more. To make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of our best pool deck materials.


Good, old-fashioned concrete is a popular choice for many.It’s affordable, easy to maintain, and offers many style options. Broomed, stamped, or textured concrete can imitate more expensive-looking material. To avoid the concrete becoming slippery when wet, we will also add texture or pebbles to keep swimmers safe.


Brick is one of the oldest materials used for pool decks, so it seems natural to have it for your own home. It’s durable, easy to install, and looks classic.


Attractive to look at and with lots of design options, wood is an environmentally friendly option for your pool. It’s a high-maintenance material, so chat with us for tips and tricks to keep it lasting for the years to come.


Stone is a beautiful material for the poolside and naturally textured for slip resistance. It’s definitely a luxury choice and we can help you choose the best stone for your pool deck.


Talk to any pool deck builder and they’ll tell you that tile is a classic choice with a huge variety. It’s practicality and resilience make it a popular choice with many pool deckers. Unglazed tile can be slippery, so we’re careful to choose tiles with a “tooth” for more friction.


Budget-friendly and long-lasting, pavers are a popular choice because of their variety and easy-to-repair nature. A damaged paver can simply be taken out and replaced. Make sure you get a skilled professional to install it though, as it needs a permanent frame to keep the pieces from shifting.

Whichever material you choose, we have a range of safe, high-quality options to suit your lifestyle and aesthetic. Contact us to talk to an expert for your individual pool deck needs.

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